Friday, November 21, 2014


Nairobi Kenya , is an image famous in a thousand postcards :giraffe, rhino , and zebra . pacing the savannah with the skyscrapers towering in the background .
one of the fastest growing cities in the continent ,East Africa's oldest national park under threat . there is a huge pressure on the park said  conservation activist Paula Kahumbu who heads the wildlife direct campaign group.  Set up by the British colonial settlers in the 1940s , pressure now comes from all sides : Roads,railways ,factories and houses .
The park (45 square miles ) is a wilderness where buffalo and rhino roam just 4 miles from the busting high rise city center but like countries across the continent , Kenya is weighing the difficult balance conservation and development . the century old colonial railway yard is now a traffic clogged major city growing at the breakneck speeds .to the south the reserve has already had face the development of a large urban area , pressing on a key  wildlife corridor for animals moving to find grazing now fresh infrastructure threatens the park.." the more we reduce the park the more  the animals territory shrinks " said Ali president of friends of Nairobi national park group, Kenya is a developing country  we need roads ,railway lines ,bridges said mp Francis Nyenze . but unfortunate that the most of the major infrastructure project in Kenya will swallow parts of the park. Nairobi prides itself on hosting the regional headquarters of multinational companies , and being the powerhouse driving the economy of East Africa . home to more than 500 species of birds and attracting some 150,000 visitors a year, activists say the park also acts as the lungs of the city ,bringing in fresh air to an increasingly crowded people .but challenges and threats are huge..

if the voices are not many and loud  enough , the distraction will go on and elephants ,lions and so forth will disappear like dinosaurs . it will be a world without wildlife and we lose all this biodiversity once and for all


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