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vera sidika's closet

Kenya's wealthiest socialite, Vera Sidika, has been profiting and doing as such much shopping such that all her new stuff couldn't fit in her storage room. She chose to do a super update which makes more space as well as makes the entire spot look so much better.

Vera now has a stroll in wardrobe in her room. For some individuals this would be an entire other new

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places you will never visit Without Even Thinking About It

A large number of us have had one time where you go some place and a man lets you know that you can't be there. A few of us may simply leave without truly considering it yet other individuals may get inquisitive and furious that there is some place that they can't be in and now that they realize that, they need to go there for reasons unknown.

There are a ton places this way, where you require some kind of capability to go there or you can't go there however they don't give you a reason. Here in this article, we will concentrate on 15 puts that sound awesome to go to, however lamentably we can't.

The Coca-Cola Recipe Vault – Georgia, USA

The-Vault Cocacola

In the event that you don't think about the Coca-Cola organization, then you are passing up a great opportunity since it has been the main soda pop maker for more than 100 years and the items they make are simply stunning. So astounding that a couple people might need to recognize what they put in it. All things considered, you can't discover it out subsequent to the organization has protected this mystery fixing in their beverage in their Coca-Cola formula vault situated in Atlanta. Individuals have become near the vault since it is a show however nobody has become inside the vault for as far back as 125 years. Decent approach to profit from inquisitive individuals.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Norway

Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Norway

Envision Noah's ark, however rather than each creature supplant that with each seed. That is essentially the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. This office is intended to shield crops from the most noticeably bad calamities that may happen as time advances. Too awful we can't go there despite the fact that it may be a magnificent thing to see each harvest on the planet. In any case, we could take a virtual voyage through the spot which is just about as great. Gives us trust that if anything happens to the earth, God preclude, that its magnificence could conceivably have the capacity to be reestablished.

Mount Weather – Virginia, USA

Mount Weather – Virginia, USA

Every high-authority may require additional security at once in their life and this spot very well might take care of business. Mount Weather is a standout amongst the most secure spots on the planet and it is only a couple of minutes flight from Washington, D.C. It has an overground and underground office and it is simply sitting tight for some occasion that may jeopardize essential authorities. In any case, you can't come here since you are not welcome, unless you are a critical authority and you are in a great deal of peril.

Woomera Prohibited Area – Australia

Woomera Prohibited Area – Australia

Each military needs a spot to test its weapons and Australia is not avoided from this. Yet, this testing zone is not the same as expected in a way that they test their weapons to the most extreme of their capacity, which is a motivation behind why you can't get inside without endorsement from the particular powers. This is on account of this zone is so pivotal to Australia's national security. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you by one means or another happen to access the territory without powers knowing, be careful about passing on there in light of a test that was being keep running at any given time.

Javari Reserve – Brazil

Javari Reserve – Brazil

Would it be decent to have the capacity to see a local group that has possessed the capacity to not be influenced by the progressions happening in the outside world? Indeed, you can't see the one in an area of the Brazilian rainforest called the Javari hold. This area of the rainforest was found to have human action once high determination satellite pictures coincidentally spotted them. Presently, keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard this society, powers are ensuring more than 30,000 square miles of the rainforest and not giving anybody access. Too terrible, I wager it is great to see this group.

Territory 51 – Nevada, USA

Territory 51 – Nevada, USA

At the point when individuals hear Area 51, the main thing they consider is outsiders. The legislature has attempted to deny that territory 51 exists in the previous years and continues denying that it deals with anything identified with outsiders or UFOs. They intend to keep this range a mystery and they are benefiting an occupation at keeping individuals away. While in transit to Area 51, you may discover signs that are requesting that you turn back, simply see what happens in the event that you choose to overlook them.

North Sentinel Island – Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal

North_Sentinel_Island North Sentinel Island – Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal

Numerous individuals need to visit pleasant islands with lovely landscape and astounding shorelines, we just won't suggest going here. This is on the grounds that the locals of this island are not respecting any present day individuals to this island and they would go similarly as attempting to kill you in the event that you approach the island. They have dismisses any type of contact from the outside world which clarifies their conduct when somebody tries to approach their island. Aside from them ensuring their own particular island, we have the Indian government backing them up on this.

Disneyland's Club 33 – New Orleans, USA

Disneyland's Club 33 – New Orleans, USA

All things considered, we are not in any case expected to realize that this club even existed. Walt Disney made this club in 1967 to serve as a mystery place for enthralling superstars, financial specialists, and lawmakers who went by Disneyland and just its individuals should know. In the event that you need to go there, you can't tragically. Aside from it being elusive, you require a participation expense of $25,000, a yearly membership charge of $10,000. When you have those, you will be put on a 14-year holding up rundown. That just makes it near difficult to get in, regardless of how fun it sounds.

White's Gentleman Club – England

White's Gentleman Club – England

Britain likewise has its own clubs, however the White's Gentleman club is the most undercover one there is. It has been remaining for more than 320 years and just vital men in the public eye are permitted in, no normal person can even get to the passageway. On the off chance that you needed to pick up enrollment to this spot, well good fortunes to you since doing that is not likely. It has the same chance as the ruler knighting you. Despite the fact that this is a tip top club, it won't amaze to at present discover men betting and drinking intensely in there.

Room 39 – Pyongyang, North Korea

Room-39 Room 39 – Pyongyang, North Korea

Despite the fact that administrations out there may look all great in the outside, anticipate that them will have some grimy stuff going ahead out of sight. North Korea's form of this is Room 39, where mystery association come in and do some unlawful stuff like forging, global protection extortion and medication managing and assembling, and this is simply touching the most superficial layer. The cash made through this exercises out in the nation administration and their atomic weapon program, which is the reason they are not permitting anybody here.

Mezhorgrye – Bashkortostan, Russia

Mezhgorye – Bashkortostan, Russia

Mezhorgye was a town in Russia which was shut around the legislature yet the fascinating reality is that none of the occupants leaving there were compelled to leave their homes. This is on account of they trust that a portion of the living arrangement there are as yet working at a Mountain called Mount Yamantaw, which individuals suspect that there is an atomic office that Russia is escaping whatever remains of the world. Too awful nobody can truly go there to demonstrate this since this town has been untouchable and we will simply need to envision what really goes ahead in there.

Surtsey – Iceland

Surtsey – Iceland

In February of 1963, Survey was conceived from volcanic emissions that happened amidst the ocean, and it kept expanding in size through ejections for the following three and a half years. Despite the fact that its size may have diminished due to regular reasons, it is presently a 1.4 square kilometer island. Regardless of how cool it sounds to visit a spot this way, the odds are not to support you since it has been held for study matters concerning the life matter there. Just a modest bunch of researcher have gone to this island to perceive how the natural life adjusted to this new territory and their conduct. In the event that we ever get a chance, this will be a great thing to see.

Pine Gap – Australia

Pine Gap – Australia

A great many people may suspect that the US government is doing some mystery movement with another nation, and they may be correct. Pine Gap is a top mystery research office between the Australian government and the US government. Obviously none of the two governments will need its kin to know of anything which is the reason they don't talk about it and it is situated a long way from human progress so that nobody can track its signs. In the event that they permitted individuals in the territory, we could at last discover what the legislature may do in its extra time while we are not viewing.

Pripyat – Ukraine

Pripyat – Ukraine

Do you ever wish you could see a genuine relinquished city due to some unnatural thing that happened? indeed, despite the fact that it would be magnificent, most likely you will get into a touch of inconvenience on the off chance that you attempt to go to this spot. Pripyat lamentably had a mishap happen to the Chernobyl plant transpire, which constrained the inhabitants to clear the city inside two days. These days, there is an excessive amount of radioactivity going ahead in the range which makes the spot must be monitored for everybody's security. Presumably won't be a smart thought to wander into profound parts of the city without gatekeepers with you.

Snake Island – Brazil

Snake Island – Brazil

Anybody intuition when they see a wild creature will be to either flee or murder it, and this is the same case with snakes. Regardless of the fact that you jump at the chance to agreeable snakes and keep them at home, you would not have any desire to result in these present circumstances island in Brazil. Snake Island territories more than 4,000 snakes and these snakes are super destructive. You are not permitted to accompany this island since the administration has illegal anybody from going there. No administration needs their kin or anybody to stroll into a demise trap.

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how to recover your website when hacked

It's not uncommon for sites - even large ones with lots of protection - to get hacked. Security is a major problem these days. And if your site gets hacked, it can get damaged in a number of ways. You could lose all your data, or lose its ranking due to malicious activity. So while you can take periodic backups, you cannot prevent someone from hacking into your site. The best and most practical thing to do in such an event is to recover your site as fast as possible so that the effect of the attack is neutralized/minimized.

Here are some tips shared by Google for getting your website back on track after it has been hacked.
Clean up malicious scripts
Hackers can target your site for any number of motives. From taking down your website and deleting its content to simply adding backlinks discreetly, there's a lot that can be done. If you notice suspicious content appearing on your website, delete those unnecessary pages immediately. However, don't just stop there.

Hackers will often insert malicious scripts into your HTML and PHP files. These could automatically be creating rogue backlinks or even new pages. Make sure you check your website's source code and see for any malicious PHP or JavaScript code that could be creating such content.
Maintain your CMS
Websites often get hacked due to vulnerabilities in a CMS that get patched with updates. If you're running an older version, your site is more susceptible to attack. Make sure you keep your CMS updated, and use a strong password for login. If possible, enable two-step verification to secure the login process.
www vs. non-www
www and non-www URLs are not the same. is not the same as - the former refers to a sub-domain 'www', whereas the latter is the root of your site. When checking for malicious content, verify the non-www version of your site as hackers often try to hide content in folders that may be overlooked by the webmaster
Other useful security tips

Avoid using FTP when transferring files to your servers. FTP does not encrypt any traffic, including passwords. Instead, use SFTP, which will encrypt everything, including your password, as a protection against eavesdroppers examining network traffic.
Check the permissions on sensitive files like .htaccess. Your hosting provider may be able to assist you if you need help. The .htaccess file can be used to improve and protect your site, but it can also be used for malicious hacks if they are able to gain access to it.
Be vigilant and look for new and unfamiliar users in your administrative panel and any other place where there may be users that can modify your site.

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a new thread in our discussion forum. You can read the post from Google along with a couple case studies here. Good luck (:
for more visit

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Tremendous upgrade.!!! from stealing side mirrors look what this man was caught stealing

A middle-aged man is awaiting his fate after being found guilty of sneaking into a police line and stealing a car rear door.

Ishmael Muchiri pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared before a Makadara law court on Wednesday.

Makadara Resident Magistrate Steve Jalang’o ordered a probation report before he could deliver the sentence.

According to the prosecution, the accused sneaked into the Buru Buru police residence and stole the car door valued at Sh10,000 which belonged to the Officer Commanding Station Joseph Muturi.

The court heard that the suspect was seen carrying a luggage inside the residential area by officers who then pursued him and nabbed him on May 9.

In his statement, the police boss said that he was waiting for a mechanic to fix the door when Muchiri stole it.

Magistrate Jalang’o announced that the case will be mentioned on June 3.

A similar incident happened about a month ago when another suspect was sentenced to serve three years in prison for stealing Sh270,000 from a safe at the Pangani Police Station.

Oliver Wanyama was sentenced at the Milimani law courts on April 12 for the offence he had earlier denied.

Raila off to South Africa BUT will be BACK on time for Monday IEBC Protests

CORD leader Raila Odinga leaves the country shortly for South Africa where he will attend a conference on “The Future of African Cities” hosted by the Brenthurst Foundation beginning Friday, 20th May, 2016. The conference will focus on policy options for making cities liveable and economically more viable.

There will be particular focus on experience of practioners from South Africa, Morocco, United Kingdom, Nigeria and Kenya.
Raila will be back at the weekend, in time for Monday anti-IEBC protests.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


NAIROBI, Kenya — Rescuers found four survivors Thursday in the rubble of an apartment building that collapsed six days ago amid heavy rains in the Kenyan capital, raising hopes that more people might still be alive in a disaster that has left dozens dead and missing.
The first to be rescued was a pregnant woman, although her husband said that amid the joy of finding her alive, doctors also reported that their baby had not survived. In addition, one of those found alive died en route to the hospital, officials said.
Soldiers, firefighters and volunteers have been working around the clock since the April 29 collapse of the seven-story building in a desperate search, and their spirits were lifted Tuesday when a nearly 6-month-old girl — dehydrated but relatively unscathed — was found in a wash basin.
Then on Thursday, they found 24-year-old Elizabeth Night Odhiambo, who was eight months pregnant, said her husband, Stephen Onyango
A crowd broke into applause as Odhiambo — under a blanket and with her face covered with an oxygen mask — was carried on a stretcher to an ambulance in a scene broadcast live on Kenyan TV.
After she was brought to the hospital, Odhiambo underwent an emergency cesarean section, and doctors told Onyango the baby had died in the womb.
Despite the loss of their child, Onyango told The Associated Press that he was joyful his wife was still alive.
"I cannot say the happiness I have," the truck driver said in a telephone interview. "I have never had such happiness like this in my life."
He said he was able to speak with his wife after the surgery to comfort her.
Pius Masai, the head of the Disaster Management Unit, said that of the other three people rescued after Odhiambo, one died because the ambulance did not have advanced life-saving equipment. The condition of the other two was not immediately known.
The disaster has killed 37 people and injured 134. At least 70 people remain missing, said Kenya Red Cross head Abbas Gullet, and rescuers were working around the clock to find survivors.
Before military engineers broke through slabs of concrete that had trapped Odhiambo in a corner of the building, medics had managed to give her oxygen and an intravenous drip of water and glucose, according to Kenya's Disaster Management Unit.
Authorities initially used backhoes in the search, with firefighters and volunteers also removing chunks of debris by hand in the frantic rescue effort. A day after the collapse, the military brought in special equipment. President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the scene.
Trained dogs were brought in, along with special equipment to detect breathing and movement, said military spokesman Col. David Obonyo.
Authorities say it is rare for anyone to survive more than 72 hours without water in such instances.
Following the 2013 collapse of the eight-story Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, a 19-year-old woman was rescued after being trapped in the rubble for 17 days, surviving on four packets of cookies and some water. It was the worst garment-industry disaster in history, killing 1,127 people.
In Haiti's 2010 earthquake, a 17-year-old girl was found severely dehydrated and near death in a collapsed home 15 days after the quake struck. Rescuers said she may have had access to water from a bathroom.
The Nairobi collapse occurred in the low-income Huruma neighbourhood , and it came amid Kenya's April-May rainy season.
The building was constructed less than 5 metres (15 feet) from a river, when it should have been at least 30 metres away, said local lawmaker Steven Kariuki. The National Construction Authority said it had marked the building as unfit for habitation, but the county government failed to follow up.
A neighbour said the building had been constructed rapidly and poorly, and its more than 125 single rooms were snapped up quickly at a rent of $35 per month.
The two owners of the building were taken into custody but released on $5,000 bail Wednesday, pending formal charges.

relative calm in Aleppo

Relative calm took hold Thursday in Aleppo after a US-Russian deal went into effect extending a ceasefire that had collapsed, plunging the city into two weeks of intense violence, Reuters reported.

Syrian state-owned media said the army would abide by a "regime of calm" in the city. The new cessation of hostilities came into effect at 1 am local time for 48 hours.

But already the Syrian army has blamed Islamist insurgents and other rebel groups for violating the truce overnight with what it called indiscriminate shelling of government-controlled areas of Aleppo.

Residents in the rebel-held part of the city told Reuters that although jets were still flying overnight, there were none of the intense airstrikes of the last ten days. A rebel source said that there was still intermittent fighting on the main front lines, but it had largely subsided with no army shelling of residential areas.

A US-Russia backed ceasefire which had largely held in Syria since February, fell apart with the

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