Saturday, June 7, 2014

sending friend request when you blocked in facebook

HOW TO SEND FRIEND REQEST WHEN IT IS BLOCKED SOO HERE'S THE ANSWER " Facebook friend request sent when blocked Guyz.. If ur frnd requiest is Blocked Dont Worry we are here ... Imagine that you are blocked from sending Friend Requests by Facebook for 2, 4, 7, 14 or even worse 30 days! That would be a really serious problem if you actually wanted to add someone during that period. Now, you can! With this simple trick you can send 1000's of friend requests when when you are blocked . There's just one part which will be tough for you if you are going to add unknown people. You will need the Email address of the person you want to add. If u r thinking of adding too many people then it would be better that you create a contactfile. For the people who don't know the easiest way to create a contact file, here it is: 1. Open a New text document (.txt) in Notepad. 2. Add all the email addresses separated by a comma (' , '). 3. Now save that file with the extension .vcf Now, this new file is your contact file. Upload it to Facebook and you willbe prompted to send friend request. Click 'OK' and that's it, you're done! Simple yet effective! don't forget to share

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