Wednesday, June 18, 2014


BREAKING NEWS: Kartel Found Dead In Prison Cell, Hanging by A Sheet? Shocking news has just reached Best Of EliteMEDIA, that incarcerated Dancehall Deejay Vybz was moments ago found dead in his Prison Cell. Reports unfolding from inside the Horizon Remanding Prison is that Katel was moments ago foundhanging from the ceilingof his prison cell, with what appears to be his bed covers wrapped around his neck, this came from an inside police source withing the prison who called our hotline.It is said that an alarm was raised and he was quickly taken down, however the reports explained that it was too late for save the deejay, as his lifeless body fell to the ground as the wardens tried take him down…stay posted, story is still being unfolded, more coming soon!

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