Friday, May 9, 2014

While most smartphones come with a default browser app that allows you to surf the Web on your mobile, it is often simple, ugly and doesn’t feel personal. What if you want to customize the browser app and you have no (or little) coding skill? Here’s one way you can create your own browser app in Android.The Maxthon Android app is a popular browser app for Android and it is lightweight, fast and comes with plenty of useful features. Based on this base browser engine, you can now build and customize your own Android browser with the Maxthon Mobile Browser Maker. It doesn’t allow you to change the browser functionalities, but it allows you to change the skin and add your own branding to it. This Browser Maker application is currently applicable for Android only. on that link and customise your browser .with your name and splash colours making your own homepage .u will provide your email and you will recieve a link in which you will download the browser. if you dont find it in the inbox folder then check it in the sparm folder. share this with your friends and family

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